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Around 2 years ago I developed an eating disorder due to comments from girls. I hid my feelings from everyone even my parents. One day I fainted due to a lack of nutrients and I had to confront to the fact that I was anorexic. My best friend at the time forced me to go to therapy and get treatment. In 8th grade I still had the mindset that I needed to be skinny. I was skinny I had just made it back to the 90 pound mark. My battle with hiding my eating disorder made some of my friends and even my boyfriend at the time to break off relationships with me. It was so hard but my teachers positivity really helped me through it all. Now I tell people my story and how anorexia impacts your life. Without the love of my friends and family I be where I am. I would have probably starved to death. But to everyone suffering with anything. The road to getting better is telling friends and family.



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