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Balancing Time

Stress is a hard, I experience it first hand. Every since I was little my parents put me in a school on Saturdays that always gave me extra homework for the week and was due the following Saturday. I never really minded it until recently when my parents enrolled me into a geometry and algebra 1 course. The teacher is super strict and always gave tons of homework. I was scared of him to the point where if I didn’t finish the homework I would stay up late often just to finish it so I won’t be in trouble. This started effecting my progress at my current middle school. I stressed often to the point where I would put off homework to the following break or lunch at school just to do the homework that was due that day! I did that just to take a break. I tried to convince my parents to take me out of those classes that made me stressed and upset, they refused. After a while I was staring to get worried about things I never really worried about. I never really worried about my grades as much as I do now. Of course I always have to try to keep my grade up but it’s hard when you have to balance double the homework you usually get in a regular school week. Recently I have been working on balancing my time and my schedule and making sure I do get my work done. Even though I probably won’t be taken out of that extra school for a while but at least I can work my way around it and balance my life out once again.



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