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Einstein Had It

I was diagnosed with autism when I was 5. I found out when I was 12, and I started to change. I had been made fun of for a long time. I mimicked other kids, and dressed normally, and tried my best to fit in. But I still didn’t. I tried harder then ever, but people still said I was stupid and weird. I’m pretty high functioning so people can’t tell that I have autism. I’m actually pretty normal, I’m just a little awkward. A lot of people with autism are pretty normal. I did more than you can possibly imagine to please others and it still wasn’t enough. I refuse to do that anymore. I didn’t give myself autism. I was born with it. And it’s not a bad thing. I’m not retarded. I’m not disabled. I’m not stupid. I just think differently. That’s all. Autistic people aren’t stupid, they are actually significantly smart. Einstein had it. And you can’t always tell. Anyone could have autism and you’d have no clue. Mostly cuz most of us try so hard to hide ourselves thanks to the way society treats us. Nearly a third of autistic people attempt suicide, 2/3 consider it. “Autistic” isn’t an insult, it’s an adjective. Stop putting us down for being different, it’s not our fault!



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