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Everything Wasn't Good

When I was younger I lived in an abusive home. My mom was in rehab for drugs and alcohol so I couldn’t live with her. I lived with my dad and his wife at the time. The wife was crazy and I don’t want to bring up details but we would be in our rooms for days with nothing to eat or drink. I was about 5 I think and eventually in a year I got out of the home and went to live with my mom after she was sober. But everything wasn’t good again. My dad ran off into the mountains and lived there for about 6 months after his crazy wife cheated on him. My mom had little money and could barley provide for the family and it was like this for a year. My dad came back to our area and got a good job and things were getting better and eventually everything was back to normal and good again. I overcame all of this when I was younger by praying a lot. when I lived with my mom before all of this she would have us pray every night and so when I was in my room at the house I would always pray to get my mind off things. It helped me a lot also I had my sister who I would always talk to she was younger than me. I would play games with her and it distracted both of us from what was going on at the time.



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