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Falling out With Friends

So i’ve had this friend for years, 5 years to be exact. we’ve fallen out in the past many times because she body shamed me, manipulated me and all this other shit. and i’ve had quite a rough past (selfharm/ attempted suicide etc) and she saw me go through this and watched how difficult it was for me dealing with everything. well the most recent time we fell out (3 months ago) it was over a milkshake which was the pettiest thing, but what you can expect from someone who body shamed you in the past. she was mad at me over something this small that she ended up telling the whole past story of my difficulties to this random girl she only knew for a couple the time. after sharing my secret behind my back she then thought it was a good idea to introduce me and this girl to each other after me and her made up. i tried so hard with myself to not hold a grudge on this girl bc of all the past body shaming and damage she put me through. and i found it in myself to forgive her. anyways after she introduced me and this girl it was all going well (all three of us got on well). until this girl told me what my ‘friend’ has said about me during our fall out. and it really broke me because it wasn’t her place to share that secret of me. and the girl told me that my friend said i “did it for attention”. it just really hurts because it was so hard for me to open up to people and then she used it against me. i started ignoring this friend for 3 days because of how hurt i was and she was non stop texting and calling my phone it was so draining i just needed some time to think. then she ignorantly showed up to my house. she knocked on my bedroom door, i had no clue how she even got in to be honest but my heart sunk when i saw her. i just looked at her and said “get out my house” and she walked in the room then obnoxiously started asking “what have i done? what have i done? just tell me”. she felt so entitled to drag an explanation out of me when i was already hurting. so again i told her “get the f*** out of my house” and she shut the door and started asking me AGAIN why i’m ignoring her. so i looked at her and said “did you think it was funny to tell other people about what i went through” and her face dropped she knew exactly what i was referring to.. but she still acted clueless. when i said it to her face and confronted her exactly on why she would do it to me she didn’t even apologize.. she denied it and blamed it on my boy bestfriend. but the thing is, she’s the only one who knew what i went through. she tried to shift the blame onto someone else rather than looking me in the eyes and apologizing. i started yelling at her because i was so infuriated how she thought i was stupid and was going to believe her lies. then my mum came upstairs and asked what all the shouting was. then she walked out my room and i heard these huge sobs coming from her and my mum followed her out. she couldn’t even look my mum in the eyes and told her what she’d done to me because she probably felt guilty. but shouldn’t i be the one crying? she’s still trying to play the victim right this moment. she has some of my clothes at her house still and i need them back because they were expensive also they are my clothes. when i texted her and asked her for them back she said she’s not giving them to me unless i pay her £10. it’s a long story but basically we went half and half on this vape (or i thought we did) but it turns out she lied to me and used all my money to pay for it, then claimed to own half of it. i also confronted her about this but now she’s lying saying i didn’t give her enough money for it so she payed for the whole thing and this is why i owe her £10. she robbed me out of my money but now she wants me to pay her back. how much more is she going to do before she realized enough is enough. im disappointed if anything, also upset with myself for forgiving her the first time round after putting me through hell. i’m genuinely heart broken and i don’t know what to do because she’s basically making me pay her £10 if i want MY clothes back. it’s so unfair. thankyou for listening, there’s so many more parts to this story but it’s hard to explain


Anonymous, UK

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