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Fitting In

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I am so sick of having to dress and act a certain way to fit in with the people in this awful country, maybe if you’re from the UK/Ireland you will understand, I want to wear baggy jeans and cute cropped cardigans but I can’t because I will literally get bullied and I know my friends wouldn’t stick with me if I did, they have been excluding me so much lately to hang out with boys and whenever I try to go with them they make up bs excuses like “well the boys don’t really know you so it would be weird if you came” like huh??? don’t call me your best friend if you’re literally going to switch up on my for the next best person/thing. I have been there for you whenever you needed me, you haven’t helped me ONCE. I just wish people didn’t know me, I have had so many failed friendships and sometimes I think that it’s my fault and I’m the toxic one, but I hate being friends with the kind of people that live here anyway because all they care about is boys and popularity. I’m so sick of it


Anonymous, UK

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