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Still Traumatized

When I was in the third or second grade, I went to daycare and a little background information (the daycare lady hated my family for absolutley no reason and everybody else were goodie two shoes, like they would blame everything on us and whatnot. and at the time my sisters were old enough to stop going to daycare and I was still going on the usual. I had this one friend who shall not be named we can call her Sarah for now. Sarah had a little brother and she was always at the daycare as well, she was a grade older than me and she was pretty chill. The daycare was literally just some old nasty laidies house that was apparently certified. So, in the daycare there was like a kitchen, a playroom and the living room and the daycare lady was always in the living room not watching us. One day, Sarah's little brother wasn't there and it was just us two in the playroom and she started telling me weird things like vividly explaining what sex was to me (in legit 2nd grade) and she told me to take my pants off while she stood under me.. I refused and she insisted. I was lucky enough that the most she did to me was "french kiss" me but i am still traumatized to this day.



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